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A Kid D Christmas Playlist


What are your thoughts on Christmas / Holiday music? Like it? Over it? No real opinion? I never really paid much attention to it but a few years back, I decided to give the genre a whirl leading up to Christmas. Being from Colorado, the Christmas vibes are easy to feel. It gets cold, it's usually snowing, people decorate their houses with Christmas lights, you really get in the spirit. Living in LA, it's the exact opposite. The weather doesn't really change, there is no snow and minimal decorations. So, year after year, it didn't really feel like Christmas until I went home right before the big day. Well, I'm pleased to say that listening to holiday music really does the trick regardless of where you are.

Being the music fan I am, I began a deep dive into all genres of Christmas music. Old soul, the classics, new releases and I compiled an 177-song Spotify playlist of my favorite tunes which I'd like to share with you:

For the more fickle Christmas music fan that wants to cut back on the cheese levels, we created a Best of Kid D Christmas list that should get high marks at even the most hipster of holiday party: 

Happy Holidays from our Kid D family to yours!

- Steve