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Volume 1: Halloween Antics, Rap Beef & More

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Tarick Chihi and Steve Nanino have teamed up to launch an all new podcast: Clickbait Weekly - featuring funny, random and interesting stories happening in pop culture. We're going to start by dropping two episodes a month and crank it up to weekly episodes soon enough. For references, the articles we discuss, please see below and we hope you dig it! We're always looking for articles to discuss so please email us at Happy listening


Hire a Scary Clown to Deliver Your Donuts

Scary Clown Donut Delivery

Fifty Cent - Ja Rule Beef - The Drama Continues

50 Cent Front Row

Lonely Boy Pizza Party - Party of One

Lonely Boy Pizza Party

Shaun White Wins the Opposite of the Gold Medal with this Outfit

Shaun White Halloween Costume

Alabama Woman Goes Full Zombie Teeth and it Backfires

Alabama Woman Zombie Teeth

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