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Kid Dangerous x Native Son x Bloomingdale's

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Throughout the years of Kid Dangerous, we’ve been presented with dozens of awesome opportunities, but this has to be one of the coolest we’ve seen yet. A couple months back, Bloomingdale’s teamed up with Native Son for pride month. We were lucky enough that they decided to also bring us on board to collaborate on a t-shirt capsule collection.

Native Son is a powerful movement of black gay men. Their message is to empower and inspire each other which is a message we fully support and care about, and we are so excited to be on this team!

Over our time together, we worked hard to make a capsule collection we feel best captures Native Son, their mission and Pride Month as a whole. We’re not only honored to represent Native Son and Bloomingdale’s, but we’re proud to say we took part in something so special.

Our merchandise is now available in store or online at Bloomingdale’s. A portion of the proceeds goes directly back to Native Son and supports their mission.


This week we visited Bloomingdale’s locations in the LA area, and the setup in the Beverly Center location was too good not to share! Below are images from their Native Son display.

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