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Road Trippin'

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Earlier this year, I grabbed the wifie, we got behind the wheel and started a four-day nature-heavy road trip. To spice things up, we brought along some Kid D shirts and photographed them at each spot. Here's a look at our trip in text and photo. P.S. you can buy any of the shirts by clicking directly on the images below.

HOOVER DAM - We hit the road early and got to Hoover Dam at about 11 AM. It's only about 40 minutes out of Las Vegas and definitely worth the day trip if you're looking to break up the LV drinking and gambling. Super impressive, tour was both interesting and boring but all in all, two thumbs up.

HORSESHOE BEND - After the Hoover Dam, we hopped in the car and got to the Lake Powell area by nightfall. Next morning we woke up early and made our way to Horseshoe Bend. The hype was worth it, breathtaking views and great spot for photos.

ANTELOPE CANYON - Only minutes from Horseshoe Bend, we headed to Antelope Canyon in the afternoon for a guided tour. It was unbelievable and something I'd strongly recommend everyone do. If you enjoy photography, this place is ground zero and the Native Americans who run the tours are also good at photography so they can help you with your settings as you work your way through the canyon.

GRAND CANYON - The Grand Daddy of them all. The Grand Canyon is one the wonders of the world for a reason: it's legendary. We only spent a day there but I think it would have been awesome to spend more time there, hike down in the valley, even do the river rafting trips they offer.

LAKE HAVASU - We finished our trip at Lake Havasu for two reasons. It was half way back to LA and I have a thing for lakes. The redneck vibes were on fleek and we embraced them with some jet skiing and heavy drinking.

We were able to pull of this trip in four days and only took one day off as we piggy backed over a holiday weekend. I think more than anything, it showed how not hard it is to get out in nature and it was one of the most memorable weekends we've had in a while.