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Support Your Local Dive Bars

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Do you miss bars?

We miss bars. So much.

Sure, we've been getting our cocktails to go, getting ‘em delivered, visiting in limited capacity, supporting however we can. But oh do we miss sitting at an actual bar with our forearms on the pine, our friends beside us and a friendly face behind the stick serving up the libations du jour.

In short, we love bars, we want as many of them as possible to be around after this awful pandemic, and we want to help take care of those friendly faces while their industry weathers the storm.

So this year, we have partnered with InsideHook on a special collab tee to benefit the United States Bartender’s Guild National Charity Foundation. It is an excellent shirt, very comfy, and comes in seven snazzy colorways.

Now, we’re not saying you should only support dive bars. We want you to support all bars. We just happen to really like a good dive bar and it made for a cool looking shirt. That being said, the USBGNCF supports bartenders at all manner of establishments both great and small around the nation, and the entirety of the profits from this endeavor will be going to assist them in their efforts.

So if you’re inclined to take the cost of a few beers and support a cause near and dear to our collective boozy hearts, your patronage is much appreciated — plus you’ll look spiffy in the process, always a bonus.



*written by our friends at InsideHook